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Who we are:
The Serving Way is a Christian, non-profit training and coaching practice dedicated to advancing the principles of servant leadership. We seek to be part of a global movement of servant-leaders serving the world. To reach that goal, we help organizations and the people in them to reach their full potential at work and in the whole of life.

Our sole purpose is to inspire and equip emerging and established leaders as they embrace the practices of the servant-leader and apply these in every facet of leadership. With consistent application, the benefits gained from these skills grow from individual relationships to high-functioning teams that contribute to a newly strengthened organization. We believe that flourishing is the reason all of us are in positions of leadership in whatever endeavors we pursue. The result: whole and healthy enterprises that contribute to the good of all those we serve. 

Our Approach:
We start with the pursuit of “inside-out” personal and professional change in which people at every level of the organization grow more aware of self and others, stronger, more capable, and become servant-leaders in their own right. What naturally flows from leaders who practice power with and power for rather than power over are teams that master the principles of servant leadership and put these into daily practice in order to cultivate flourishing organizations that contribute to God’s mission in the world.

We work with you to create tailored interactive learning experiences, starting with initial assessments of your current serving leadership behaviors, personal motivations, and strengths. These insights flow into customized half-day workshops, one-day seminars, weekend retreats, ongoing cohorts, and executive coaching. Each engagement is crafted to the organization's needs using a combination of self-paced study and exercises, web-conferencing, and working together face-to-face. We help you earn the trust and ignite the passion of your followers, mobilizing them to bring their very best every day. As a servant-leader, you will mentor and strategically equip people at every level in your organization to  serve others, and grow into great leaders themselves.

The result: leaders harnessing the power of servant leadership to master change, develop a healthy organizational culture, and execute values-driven strategies that advance God’s Kingdom.

Chris Thyberg, Founder and Principal:

I have been traveling the path of servant leadership for over thirty years as a senior executive, team builder, trainer, and coach. It’s been my privilege and calling to provide strategic direction for two major universities, American Bible Society, and for-profit consulting firms as they navigate change, develop new initiatives, design high-purpose cultures driven by vision, mission and values, and deliver exceptional results.

Along the journey, I’ve learned that the serving way is best traveled with others. We listen to your story and help you pursue what matters most. Tell us where you are and where you aspire to go as a servant-leader. Together we will help you reach your destination.

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